3 Significant Differences Between Online Slots And Video Poker

Between Online Slots And Video Poker

New players always group slot and video poker. However, there are certain differences between them. Read on to clarify them.

An online casino site provides a wide array of games falling under various categories, such as live games, slots, table games, and many more. Slots and video poker are the most widely played online casino games globally. However, it is quite hard to distinguish between the two genres unless you are a seasoned gambler. Amidst major similarities, these two genres of gambling have some significant distinctions that mark the difference. This article highlights major distinctions between video poker and online slots that amaze you.

Video Poker Comprises more Strategies to Win than Slots

The primary difference between online slots and video poker is that the latter is a game of skills. Unlike slots, which are a game of chance, video poker requires strategies, skill, and decision-making ability to outrun opponents. In video poker, a player’s ability to make decisions based on the cards dealt to them can either increase or decrease their odds of winning. There is nothing a player can increase their odds of winning or losing at slots because they cannot make decisions after the game has begun. Due to the easiness of slots, gamblers choose it over video poker since it does not require any decision-making power to win a game.

Both the Odds are Different

Virtual poker comes in various varieties with variable odds in video poker. The phrase “house edge” commonly comes up in discussions regarding poker odds. The phrase “house edge” refers to the casino’s benefit over the player in each game. Compared to other games, some feature a higher house edge.

Compared to playing slots, video poker gives the gambler superior odds and a significantly bigger probability of winning. The house edge in video poker is quite modest, if not negative, with the appropriate strategy, compared to other well-known casino games, including slots. As a result, there is a chance for players to win more prizes than they would at a slot machine.

The difference in the usage of Random Number Generator

Despite this, video poker and slot games utilize various technology in slightly different ways. For instance, both games employ random number generators (RNGs), although they do so in various ways. Slot machine symbols are weighted according to their worth, and a casino uses this value to determine how much it wants these slot machines to pay back. However, video poker doesn’t have a set payout rate. Instead, the 52-card deck used in video poker is randomly shuffled each time the RNG plays a hand.

Final Verdict

Although there is just one thing that video poker and slots have in common—machine-based games—it makes sense that some people could incorrectly think they are the same. But now that the casino business has gone online, we are beginning to see parallels between the two, particularly when online casino operators introduce fresh iterations of slot machines that have never been released.

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Meaning of Volatility in Slot Machine, Its Three Levels, and Their Significance in Online Slot Machines

Meaning of Volatility in Slot Machine

Everything you should know about volatility, its different levels, and how to find information on volatility about a particular slot.

With the emergence of online slot machines, gamblers efficiently use each feature to win a jackpot. They are using them to manage a bankroll to reduce the risk of losing the bet. Newcomers at online casinos should know about each of the features like the RTP, volatility, reels, and many more, which determines how much you will win and the loss amount. As this article is made to make you understand the importance of volatility rate in slot machines, it is essential to know the meaning of volatility at first. Determining the volatility rate of the slot machines means you are calculating the size of your win by assessing the risk of losing the bet. After getting a conception of volatility in online slots, now unfold the three levels of volatility rate.

Three Volatility Levels of Slot Machines

  • Low Volatility Online Slots

Low volatility slot machines are profuse in delivering steady payouts but lack the element of paying heavy jackpots to the gamblers. Therefore, these are good for beginner and amateur players as they could take advantage of their characteristics. Other benefits of low volatility slot tiles are managing the bankroll quickly, long playtime, and minor loss. Luck Cherry, American Gold Rush, and Fruity Reels are some examples of low volatility slot titles.

  • Medium Volatility Online Slots

This slot machine creates a balance between a heavy win and extreme loss. These slots offer massive bonus rounds and other features that tend to upscale the winning credibility of players who access an average bankroll. It gives a huge profit when you extend your slot session for an average win-loss ratio. Some great examples of medium volatility slot titles are Divine Fortune, Hell’s Kitchen, and Monopoly Megaways.

  • High Volatility Online Slots

Players who desire to become a millionaire overnight would rightly strive for high volatility slot machines. It includes considerable risk of losing your entire sum, but winning a jackpot is not a big deal if you have strong knowledge of playing slot machines. They have other names also – high-risk slots, as very few of them have the guts to spin the reels of high volatility slot machines. Besides, it enrolls a high-paying jackpot with favorable features and bonuses. The RTP rate is also high in these slots. Examples of high volatility slot titles are Gonzo’s Quest, Fortune Meagways, and Mercy of Gods. You may find other high volatility slot games at UFABET, the one-stop destination of online casino games.

Where Will You See the Volatility Rate of Slot Titles?

Finding the volatility rate of a slot is very easy. Firstly, you can go through different review sites about slots. Then, you will find the actual volatility rate of a particular slot machine. Aside from this, you would get information on the volatility by viewing the game information section. Another way is by trying a demo version of the slot tiles, where you will get an idea of the volatility of that particular slot.

Win Frequency – All You Need To Know

Win Frequency

For many people, the win frequency of online slot games remains a confusing factor. Here is a small guide for them to understand this term and its relation with online slots in a better way.

Many people often get confused about the win frequency of online slot games. Often players use this term interchangeably with Hit frequency. But, as per seasoned gamblers, win frequency is completely different from the more popular term hit frequency.

If you are also confused about the meaning of win frequency and its importance for online slot games, read on. Here, you will find a small guide related to this topic.

What is win frequency?

Win frequency is the frequency or rate of wins you can encounter while playing a slot game. It describes the number of wins you can have while gambling on any online slot. You can determine when you will win more than your bet amount with win frequency.


Here is a simple example for you. Consider a joker slot with a win frequency of 25%. Let’s assume that you are placing a minimum bet of $5 per round. Then there is a 25% chance that you will win more than your original bet amount of $5. In simpler terms, if you spin the reel 100 times, you will win more than your bet amount for 25 times.

On the contrary, you have a 75% chance of encountering losses or smaller payouts that are not larger than your bet amount.

Win frequency only considers positive winnings or more wins than your bet amount. Hence, you need to avoid the payouts, which are not positive or are considered losses disguised as wins.

Win frequency is an essential factor for bankroll management. In slots, often, players get smaller payouts that are smaller than their original bet amount. As a result, they often run on negative bankroll and lose despite winning rewards. With win frequency, you can understand your possibilities of winning positive rewards and maintaining a positive bankroll status.

Win frequency and hit rate

Many novice players often get confused between the twin frequency and hit rate. But, these two are different. The hit rate deceived the possibilities of winning a reward, smaller or larger. The hit rate cannot determine the number of times you will win something significantly greater than your bet amount.

On the other hand, the win frequency helps you determine the possibilities of winning positive rewards or rewards more than your bet amount.

Importance of wind frequency

· It allows you to find out the possibilities of hitting rewards larger than your bet amount.

· It allows you to design a better strategy to preserve your bankroll and bet funds. Hence, players who have a small bankroll and want to maintain positive bankroll status need to check out the win frequency.

· Win frequency allows you to calculate your profit without considering the LDWs. Hence, you get the actual image of how much you have won while playing the game.

· Win frequency allows you to devise a game strategy for long-term gambling on online slots.


Win frequency is a great way to measure your positive winnings. It also allows you to understand your performance and helps you to devise a strategy to manage your bankroll for slot games properly. 

How to play slot games online?

play slot games online


If you are someone looking to joining online slots to earn money out of your passion for gambling, then this article has you covered. You should know the kind of slots that are available, and therefore, you can join kingsports idn to know more about the features and ways to find your way through slot games online. Even pro gamblers are choosing the online mode of gambling due to the convenience it has and the option of better odds.

Types of online slots

Following are some of the types of online slots you should know if you want to make it big in the slot games online.

  1. Classic slots – these are the best slot games to play if you are a beginner. The difficulty level is very mediocre, and along with that, you get many game options that you can use to practice further. These slot games usually have 2-3 reels, and the pay line is also consistent, even if it is small. It is a great way to get the hang of the system before you play harder bets.
  2. Video slots – these gaming slots are so interesting and vivid. There are 3D graphics available and has elaborate soundtracks that create the whole vibe of gambling in a casino. They have up to 100 pay lines.
  3. Jackpot slots – playing these slot games, you can stand a chance to win big. The pay line is quite high, honestly, and one can even earn up to millions. The tasks are high, so are the stakes; thus, it is all the more fun.
  4. Mobile slots – you can play these slots using your computer or cell phone at the comfort of your home. You can play them at your own convenient time.

Types of Popular slots

Some popular slots are as follows:

  1. Cleopatra – this game provides many pay lines and as many reels, making it a good practice game for so many beginners out there. There are up to 180 spins available on this game.
  2. Starburst – it is a fast-paced slot from where you can earn big. It is known to be a mesmerizing game with three re-spins.
  3. Da Vinci Diamonds – this game has tumbling reels and up to 300 spins available. It also has an innovative soundtrack that makes the experience even more fun.

How to play online slots

To start your experience, first, decide the amount you are willing to bet. Once you understand the gaming rules and the procedures for obtaining your pay lines, you can play high rewarding games. But before you that, it is better to play the practice games and understand more about how these slot machine games are to be played. You can play many of these games together to make a bit of a winning combo for yourselves.


If you know the basics and are willing to discover the world of online slot games more, do your research and find the site that is suitable for you. With the tips mentioned above, you can jump right into the games best suited for beginners. Above all, have fun and enjoy your experience.

Winning in progressive slots – the best tips to try

rogressive slots

Learn how to win in slot online games with progressive jackpots. Discover our tricks and tips to improve your game in a contemporary progressive slot game.

Progressive slot games are typical for two main things. These things are, by the way, the main differences between the progressive and the standard slot machines:

  1. Progressive slot games have super big jackpots that cannot compete to the maximum possible wins within the standard slot games.
  2. Slots with progressive jackpots are usually harder to be won, including to be played for smaller prizes.

Why taking under consideration only the second fact, when the first one – the possible big prize – is so attractive and tempting? You don’t have to. Although progressive slots might be indeed a bit tough, we believe that with the following guide you can finally find them easy and pleasant.

Feel free to use our cool and tested progressive slot online tips right away:

  1. The rule for the maximum bet size as the best size applies not only in standard slot gameplay, but in the progressive slots, too. As a matter of fact, this means that for a progressive slot you should be prepared with more money to invest.
  2. The paylines should not be constantly changed and increased as a number. In most cases the progressive slot game has not fixed paylines, which means that you set their number. Change it only if you make a change in your bet size.
  3. The progressive slot in-game bonuses are rarely multipliers, but there are free spins here. Learn how this extra feature can be retriggered and work on this task on the way long. The more free spins you get, the smaller financial risk of this comparatively “expensive” game you receive.
  4. Avoid slots where recently a progressive jackpot was registered. We don’t believe in cold and hot slot machines, but the situation with the progressive jackpots is a bit more different. When the accumulator is at its beginning, the possibility to receive the “pot” is always smaller than if it has become bigger for the last couple of days.
  5. The progressive slot games are sometimes with extra low stakes. Don’t hurry up to be happy about coming upon on such titles. These progressive slots are actually very tricky. In the beginning you will think you lose less through such small stakes, but at the end when you spend the same amount of money, but with zero income you will see that might have even lost more.

Every time you select a progressive slot game, make sure you know its provider, as well as the company’s basic specifications in development such titles. There are a lot of developers that specialize in progressive slots, so we strongly recommend you to stick to progressive slots coming from the same company.

Top reasons to play slots online rather than offline

Top reasons to play slots

Check out why we think that agen idnsport slot experience is quite more preferable than visiting a real ground casino. See the big number of benefits of playing slots in the internet rather than in any physical casino room.

If you want to play a slot game right now, you can do it. Just visit agen idnsport website, open an account if you don’t have one and click on the game you like. If you want to play a real slot machine in a ground casino, dress up appropriately, drive up to 10 km to reach a good casino and make sure to have a suitcase to bring as much money as you can to invest.

Yes, playing slots in the internet is way better than doing it in a real physical casino. But we have quite more to add. We’ve got a couple of other reasons why claiming that online slots are better than offline slot games has its ground and explanation.

  1. The bet limits in the online slot games are lower. And that’s why you shouldn’t get your suitcase with money with you when you gamble on the go. Actually, you don’t have to own such a suitcase. A lot of players have hit the jackpot with minimum investments through the last couple of years.
  2. You can play what you want. The abundance of slot titles in a section within an online casino is quite bigger than the number of slots you will see in any nearest casino you can visit. Even if you decide to spend hours of driving to reach the richest ground casino in the region, the online casino with small experience in the field will yet beat it up.
  3. The RTP is always higher in the online gambling experience rather than playing casino games in a real ground casino. And the slots don’t make an exception in this rule. The difference is sometimes quite significant. You can find offline slots with about 92% RTP and it would be normal. But you will rarely see a decent online casino with slots that are with lower than 95% payout rate.
  4. No one will welcome you with a bonus in a real ground casino. On the contrary – every online casino will tell you “Hello” in the most generous way if you open an account on its website. Things get even better when considering the fact that slot lovers get the privilege to receive the best of the standard welcome bonus. As you know the casinos usually offer a welcome bonus that’s a combo of cash (% of the deposit) and a couple of free spins.

Are you still fond of offline slot experience? We bet you don’t. We bet you are right now looking for a good website where to play some slot games. And you should, because it’s more profitable, convenient and secured.

Why is my slot experience not profitable at all?

my slot experience not profitable

Don’t miss to see why your experience in slot joker terpercaya is not profitable all. See why so many slot lovers keep playing, but don’t get enough in their playing accounts.

Slots are fun. No doubts. But is there someone among you who can tell that playing slots is only in the sake of the entertainment. We bet, there’s no such a person. We all gamble secretly dreaming of becoming rich. Or at least, of earning some cash to back up our budgets. Correct?

Then, you might be right now one of those honest, miserable and desperate players who keep asking himself why the heck this slot experience is not profitable at all. The answers might be different. But you don’t need answers. You need concrete directions. And we are about to give you such. Read below. Make the next time you play slot joker terpercaya a chance for a huge win!

  • Recuperation of the losses is a wrong technique to feel less guilty. And we all feel the guilt when seeing how fast our daily slot budget is melting. Instead of trying to compensate the losses either stop playing or stop for a while and think. Think if there’s a chance for at least a small win today.
  • Playing one type of a slot game for ages is not a sign of a master degree. It’s a sign that you don’t get the slot machine experience. Slot machines are basically similar when it comes to strategy for playing and gameplay. Why then limiting yourself only to a single machine? We don’t believe in hot and cold slots. We, though, believe that increasing the number of slot machines is a way to increase the chances for a win.
  • Not paying attention at the special offers in the gambling websites is to some a way to protest against the companies’ marketing plans. Do you really care about this marketing? Do the banners really annoy you that much? Because, honestly, if a banner gives us 50 free spins just in an exchange to click on it, we are about to start loving banners for life. Aren’t you?
  • Making a research of the game is a must. First of all, check out its developer. If this is unknown developer, skip the game. If this is a slot machine that’s been made in-house by the gambling operator, see if it’s regulated by independent agencies. Last, but not least, make a fast study about the slot machine details. Here are the things you should on mandatory know about the game before you make the first spin on it: the number of reels and paylines, the available symbols (wilds and scatters) and what they can bring you, the possibility to get a bonus level or a bonus reel.
  • If the RTP is low, you can win as many spins as you wish, but you will never get rich. The RTP is the number that shows you how much a single win you register actually matters for your budget. The higher the payout ratio in a slot game is, the more your wins brings you.