Baby lessons for your poker activity

poker activity

You might be surprised, but your baby can teach you a lot about playing idn kingpoker99 games. In this material we would like to point you out some lessons that only your own baby can give you when it comes to online poker activity.

Babies are small, tiny, fragile, but they might be the best source of lessons for a grown-up person. Not only in life, but babies can even teach you how to become a better poker player. Don’t believe in this? Check out our arguments for claiming that our own babies can help us become better in playing idn kingpoker99 game:

  1. Babies remind you that folding is ok. Babies love milk and sometimes you think they can consume an entire gallon of milk for a second. Indeed, but try to remember the last time your baby just refused eating although it was time for his early breakfast. It’s because babies know – sometimes, you just need to fold. That’s it.
  2. The most important thing is just to stay alive. Wasn’t that your thought during the first days after the arrival of your baby in home? You didn’t care about anything else except for your baby’s health. That’s what you should be thinking while you are in a big poker tournament – just stay alive and nothing else. Just stay up to this stage of this tournament sounds like just stay alive till turning 6 month, because it’s when the risk of early baby death disappears, right?
  3. It’s all about the long term. When you do something for your baby you are making it with a long-term goal. You keep your kid healthy and you are managing a good regime that can help the baby get used to life in future. The same goes for building up a strategy for poker activity. Short-term goals will not lead to anything precious in future. On the other side, having long-term goals is something you should always count on.
  4. It’s only your baby and nobody else can teach you how to keep control. Nothing else works like a crying baby to improve your self-control. You know you cannot do anything and no matter how hard you try you just wait and become patient within the time. In poker, putting under control your emotions is an essential quality. Those of you who manage to acquire it become the best pros in the field. And if you are raising a baby right now, believe us, guys, the control is going to be your power in poker, too.

Babies and kids are the best teachers we can have. It just takes to think about it more deeply and you will get 100% confident about it, right?

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